Courthouse diner sisters say goodbye after 30 years

ALBANY, Ore. - Kity Liles and Lucy Webster have been serving customers at the Country Courthouse Diner in the basement of the Linn County Courthouse for 30 years.

"We wanted people to be able to come down here and know that we would take care of them with food or drink or whatever they needed," Liles said.

On Friday, Oct. 12 - their 30-year business anniversary to the day - the sisters have chosen to retire and pass the diner on to new owners.

"It’s going to be the hardest thing," Liles said. "We really just kind of wanted to leave and not tell anyone, just walk away."

The sisters have worked side by side in the kitchen, and they say they've never had any fights they can think of.

"Lucy and I have personalities, so who I clicked with she didn’t necessarily, and who she clicked with I didn’t necessarily click with, so we have made an excellent team in being able to relate to people and just be there for the community,"  Liles said.

After they hand over the diner to new owners, they will devote themselves to helping needy children at Sunrise Elementary.

"For the most part we know that this chapter will have to end and we’ll start at the school," Webster said. "That's our new chapter."