Eugene up for best college football town in nation

EUGENE, Ore. - Boise State and the University of Oregon haven't tangled on the football field since the infamous postgame punch on the smurf turf at Bronco Stadium, but USA TODAY has seen fit to renew the rivalry online.

Both Eugene, Ore., and Boise, Idaho, are in the running for best college football town in an online poll.

"They're newcomers to college football as a way of life, but University of Oregon Duck fans are catching up in a hurry with a game day buzz that rivals Southern and Midwestern powers," writes George Schroeder, a former Register-Guard writer who now reports on college football for USA TODAY Sports. "If there's time, travel 75 minutes or so east or west, depending on your interests: 10,000-foot peaks or ocean cliffs, with sea lions and lighthouses. In Eugene, run Pre's Trail and sample Saturday Market. Get to the game early, and tailgate in the parking lots or inside the Mo Center, the indoor practice facility. Once inside cozy Autzen Stadium (54,000), prepare to be deafened: It's one of the loudest places in college football."

Schroeder also penned the nomiation for Boise:

"Boise State coach Chris Petersen has resisted overtures to leave for bigger programs, and the town itself is a big reason. It's worth a visit to the home of the upstart Broncos just to see the stadium's blue turf – touted as one of the state's top tourist attractions, it's even blue-er in person than on TV – and Bronco fans' impressive color coordination (designs by section, changing game-by-game). Before the game, run, walk or bike the paths along the Boise River. Then hit an unusually clean downtown for good food and fun – the Basque block, a reflection of the area's rich Basque heritage, is a good place to start."

You can vote in the poll to support your favorite college football town.