Flood? Yes. Disaster? Maybe

Flood? Yes. Disaster? Maybe
Flooding along Highway 126 on Jan. 19, 2012.

EUGENE, Ore. - Was last week's storm a disaster?

Lane County officials are still compiling the damage assessment and expect to have an answer by Friday, said Linda Cooke with emergency management.

For the county to declare a disaster, 25 or more homes must be damaged by a weather event and/or the county must suffer $1.2 million in public infrastructure damage.

Cooke expects damage from last week's flooding will qualify for a disaster declaration. She encouraged residents to document damage before they make repairs.

Even as people clean up from last week's storm, another round of rain brings the threat of flooding back to the region.

"We are very concerned about landslides," Cooke said. "Anyone who lives in a slide-prone area or a base of a hill should evaulate their property and make sure they are keeping themselves out of harm's way. That is a huge concerns for us right now."

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