'City Founders' for $1200: 'Who is Seymour? Doh!'

'City Founders' for $1200: 'Who is Seymour? Doh!'

EUGENE, Ore. - Returning champion Stephanie Jass had control of the board and a commanding lead Monday on "Jeopardy!" when she chose "City Founders" for $1200.

"This home to the University of Oregon was founded by Mr. Skinner and given his first name," host Alex Trebek offered as an answer.

Jass was the first to ring in.

"What is Eugene?" she answered.

"Good," Trebek said as Jass' score hit $21,000 for the day over her opponents $2,000 and $2,200.

Then the buzzer sounded, bringing Double Jeopardy! to a conclusion - and setting up the Final Jeopardy! category of Fiction.

Jass won the night, bringing the history professor's 6-day total to $123,970.

You can watch "Jeopardy!" on KVAL News at 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, delayed due to the presidential debate.