Springfield wants to build a better downtown

Springfield wants to build a better downtown

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - The City of Springfield is working with a non-profit organization to help liven up the downtown area. This new strategy relies on bringing the community together to build a better downtown.
Claire Sequin is the Executive Director of the Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation (NEDCO). The non-profit community development organization helps bring citizens together to work on issues in a community. 
Monday night at a city council meeting Seguin presented a model called the Mainstream Model for Commercial Revitalization to council members and business owners.

She said the model has been used since the 1980s and has been effective in building businesses, improving the look and creating unique spaces in communities.

She said it would be a perfect to fit to improve Downtown Springfield.

“Everybody is interested in a pedestrian oriented downtown Springfield, one that has great places to gather that has really interesting sidewalks and shops and things to look at and that feel fun and safe,” said Seguin.

The model would require businesses, city councilors and citizens to work together to help with the revitalization project.

Overall the model would include simple changes like beautifying downtown and promoting some of the things it has to offer.

“The idea of putting some shine on it and bringing in some new businesses here makes people feel proud and happy to be a part of their community,” said Seguin. 

Seguin said downtown Springfield already has several things going for it like unique businesses and art. But now it’s time to promote those attractions in order to draw people to the area.

Next Monday the council will be voting on a resolution to adopt the model.