If you need a job, should you start a business?

If you need a job, should you start a business?

EUGENE, Ore. - Looking for a job?

Why not create your own?

But is it a good idea - and what kind of help is out there?
The Willamette Valley Chapter of Score offers free counseling for small businesses. The 35 volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds from law to finance to nursery management.

"One of the things we stress is the need for a business plan," said Ray Staton, who chairs the local Score chapter. "One of the things that we stress heavily is let's find out whether or not this business is going to make money for you or whether you are throwing good money after bad."

They talk about potential sales, revenue and startup expenses. Cclients can come back as often as they want.

The Lane Community College Small Business Development Center and the Eugene Public Library also offer free help.

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