Organic intimacy: Sustaining love -- and a small biz

Organic intimacy: Sustaining love -- and a small biz

EUGENE, Ore. -- From her kitchen, Wendy Strgar wants to change Oregon -- and your bedroom.

Strgar started packaging all-natural oils, lubricants and other intimacy products from her home. Her company Good Clean Love is part of the green economy -- and as a growing small business, part of Oregon's future economy, too.

"The new (business) doing well is staying in business," Strgar said. "We are doing better than that: we are up about 40 percent, but that's because we have kind of proven ourselves."

Strgar started her business in her kitchen, relying on customers to tell other people about her product. Now, she is a leader in the market for green intimacy products.

"I've pretty much been the lone eagle out there trying to get people educated and aware that the ingredients on the most sensitive tissue of your body really do matter," she said.

Pharmacist Kate James said many over-the-counter products are chemically based.

"A lot of those types of products can cause irritation and people might be overly sensitive to them," she said.

Good Clean Love's organic line is a natural alternative, something Strgar thinks people will still buy in a bad economy.

"It's about making love sustainable," she said. "At the end of your life, in the last five minutes that you breathe, the only thing that you're going to think about is who you loved and who loved you back."