$7 cup of coffee?

$7 cup of coffee?
In this Friday, April 27, 2012 photo, Gov. Paul LePage takes a sip out of a coffee mug where a "no new taxes" message is proudly displayed on the bottom of the cup at his office at the State House during an interview with the Associated Press. With control of the Legislature at stake, LePage is making selective appearances on behalf of Republican candidates, turning down more invitations for appearances than he's accepting. (AP Photo/Pat Wellenbach)

SEATTLE, Ore. - How much do you spend on coffee?

A new $7 grande cup of coffee made with rare beans from Costa Rica have gone on sale at select Starbucks locations.

A half pound bag of the beans will cost you $40.
Starbucks' entry into premium coffee puzzles Sebastian Simsch, who owns Seattle Coffee Works. His customers pay $6 to $9 for a cup of coffee.

He does not consider Starbucks a competitor.

"Starbucks is Starbucks and more like a Chevy brand," he told CBS News. "We're more like the Rolls Royce brand."
Simsch wonders why a company that also offers instant coffee is now going high-end as well.

National observers have taken note.

"Power-hungry Washingtonians have always been fascinated by rare and expensive things that we cannot possess," Washington Post food reporter Tim Carman wrote, "and everyone, no matter where they live, has a hard time comprehending a medium-size cup of Joe that costs roughly the same as a 34-ounce container of Folgers at Wal-mart."