Beat up barbershop back in business: 'He made it really great'

Beat up barbershop back in business: 'He made it really great' »Play Video
Four Corners barbershop is back in business

EUGENE, Ore. - Out of the rubble of vandalism, a west Eugene barber shop is back in business.

The customers are coming back, too.

Back in March when KVAL News visited David Carpenter, the last thing on his mind was haircuts.

He had just bought a horrendous mess at the Four Corners shop
- damage he said was caused by the previous owner after Carpenter bought the business.

Now the barber is cutting hair after weeks and weeks of serious carpentry.

"I wanted to bring back the the old 1950s, 1960s barber shop that was here," Carpenter said.

The renamed Four Corners barber shop looks like a million. There's new flooring, cabinets and sinks. Even the vintage barber chairs, circa 1939, are spotless.

"It was a matched set I found in Portland. The serial numbers were one number apart," said Carpenter.

Landlord Barbara Zeller said the restoration is a lesson in not giving up your dream. 

"Lots of people after what he went through would have just given up and said, 'I'm out of here,' but instead he went to work and made it really great," she said.

Carpenter said he sunk about $5,000 into restoring his shop, including a brand new motor for the original 1950's barber pole.

Art Stolt was one of the longtime customers getting his ears lowered Tuesday. "It looks great," he said.

Carpenter said hehas not decided if he's going to file a civil suit against the shop's old owner for the damage he allegedly caused.