Eugene product shines in upcoming Tom Cruise movie

Eugene product shines in upcoming Tom Cruise movie

EUGENE, Ore. - The Patnodes didn't believe the email.

Hollywood? Science fiction? Tom Cruise?

"You've got to see this!" Sarah Patnode recalled her husband saying. "We weren't sure it was real. For a while, we really weren't sure it was real."

The producers of the new sci-fi thriller "Oblivion" wanted bright intense lights for fast moving shots without resorting to special effects.
The search led them to Dan and Sarah Patnode's attic in the Whiteaker neighborhood, where they operate Oveready, a business specializing in super bright flashlights.

Dan shipped the producers examples of his flashlights. They kept wanting smaller models.

He eventually rigged up a stubby short flashlight that the moviemakers could fit into a high-tech weapon prop carried by Tom Cruise in the movie out next month.

"The hearsay is that Tom Cruise got to play with one himself, and he decided to keep testing with it," Sarah.

Then they saw the previews for the post-apocalyptic thriller.

"We're watching this trailer for the first time going, holy cow, this thing is everywhere," Dan said. "So for many of these scenes, the flashlight is blinding the camera."