Flipping flapjacks for a great cause

Flipping flapjacks for a great cause

EUGENE, Ore. -- A staple in the Eugene breakfast scene had to do some extra home cooking Thursday afternoon, all for a great cause.

With extra batter in-hand, chefs stepped up to the griddle at Brail's Restaurant to make some extra pancakes for the Eugene Mission.

In charge of the project is the vivacious owner of Brail's, Joy Knudtson.

"I'm doing it for 14 years now and it's about time to do these kinds of nice things," said Knudtson.

The goal for this special feed is 200 pancakes--plus biscuits and gravy.

"Joy's helped out Womenspace a lot through the years, so we try to help out the community as best as we can, because the community helps us," explained the manager at Brail's, Ian Gray.

Feeding some of the hungry in Eugene, one flapjack at a time.  That's the whole intent of the project and Joy Knudtson states she intends to do this every year.

Knudtson told KVAL News, "I kind of like to have everyone think I'm a giving person, but when I give something to somebody it makes me happy."