Food cart pod rebounds downtown

Food cart pod rebounds downtown »Play Video
Food cart in Kesey Plaza

EUGENE, Ore. - The City of Eugene tried to launch a food cart pod in Kesey Square in 2010, but the 5 carts quickly dwindled to one - and sometimes none.

But two operate there now, and a third is expected to open next week - with a fourth in the works for summer.

"Food carts are hip, we're cool," said Jessica Thomason, owner of the Wrap City food cart at Broadway Plaza. "We're giving you good food that's a lot more affordable."

And with 60 food carts licensed to operate in City of Eugene, economic development leaders aren't ready to give up on food pods downtown.

"Food carts are a natural use of available space and a good way to get pedestrians moving in and around the downtown and create some sidewalk level excitement," said Mike Sullivan, the City of Eugene's Community Development Director.

Since 2010, both "pits" have been filled with new construction. Two older buildings near the plaza have been remodeled or are being remodeled.

"So I think over time what we'll see is a greater number of food carts, more variety in the offerings and potentially some good seating arrangements for folks as well," Sullivan said.