Frozen yogurt on a waffle for breakfast? 'Jelly beans ... why not?'

Frozen yogurt on a waffle for breakfast? 'Jelly beans ... why not?'

EUGENE, Ore. - At Top City, there are 12 different flavors of frozen yogurt and 70 different toppings.

Do the math, and that's like 840 combinations.

But the frozen yogurt flavors change from time to time, and you can get multiple toppings, so that's like ... a lot. 

So the real question is: with the weather outside getting frightful, who would want to eat anything with the word "frozen" in it?

Tina Rimmer, who owns Top City at 18th and Chambers in Eugene in the former Bene Pizza location, asked that same question, so you also find breakfast on the menu.

Top City serves everything from coffees to sandwiches - even waffles.

"The Belgian waffle has deeper holes in it, and so there are lots of holes for putting toppings in," Rimmer said of the waffle's yogurt pedigree.

In other words: Frozen yogurt. On a waffle. For breakfast.

Yes, please.

Rimmer opts for fruit, but the topping bar is kind of like opening up your kitchen cabinets and saying, "Jelly beans ... why not?"

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