'Get rid of it by flushing it down the toilet'

'Get rid of it by flushing it down the toilet'

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Jennifer Embers puts her food scraps in the trash, where they belong.

"I don't want it to get clogged and stinky and gross," she said.

It's one of the perils of the holiday season that when you invite family and friends to your home for a big holiday meal, you might need to invite one more guest: a plumber.

"More than anything, if a drain is already starting to act up, it's that fats, oils and greases on the holidays, that will actually plug it up," said Ron Sherwood, who owns Lane County Roto-Rooter.

Also: holiday guests wash clothes and take showers, which can strain your drain.

And guests sometimes accidentally knock things into your drains - or offer to do the dishes, only to "improvise."

"I've had customers where their kitchen sink is plugged up," Sherwood said. So folks think "well 'we'll get rid of it by flushing it down the toilet,' and we're coming out the next day to auger out a chicken bone or a turkey bone."