Police seize counterfeit $50s

Police seize counterfeit $50s

GRANTS PASS, Ore. - Police got three complaints of counterfeit currency on Monday and have seized four counterfeit $50 bills as evidence.

Now police are advising businesses to train employees to watch out for counterfeit bills.

"If counterfeit bills are taken by an employee or business, the bank will not honor that bill and the business will lose that amount of money and product," Deputy Chief Bill Landis said.

The Grants Pass Department of Public Safety suggested business owners take the following precautions:

  • Train all employees on U.S. currency including what to look for to determine if money taken in is legitimate. Contact your local bank for this information if you need assistance or visit
  • Do not rely solely on the ‘pen’ to mark bills. Some counterfeit bills leave the same color marking as legitimate bills.
  • Frequently pull money from your cashier drawers. This will help narrow the time frame when the fraudulent bill was accepted so police can gather evidence of the crime.
  • If a customer comes into your business with a counterfeit bill, call the police immediately. Provide the dispatcher with as much information about the incident as possible (subject description, vehicle description, license plate information). If possible and without compromising your safety, do not return the counterfeit bill to the subject.

Grants Pass business owners or managers with questions or that would like training on counterfeit bill detection, please contact Officer Lesley Donaghy, Grants Pass Department of Public Safety Crime Prevention Bureau, at (541) 474-6374.

For business owners elsewhere, the U.S. government provides many counterfeit detection training materials and handouts available for download.