Rare albino crab caught off Oregon Coast

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The albino crab (left) and a regular Dungeness crab

CHARLESTON, Ore. - An albino crab caught off the Oregon Coast will remain on display at a restaurant for a couple weeks before being stuffed and put on display with a similar specimen caught a decade ago.

For now, the albino crab is in the live tank at Portside Restaurant.

The fishing vessel Keku Quinn made the discovery on Friday and called Portside head chef Alex Laygui to see if he wanted it.

He jumped at the chance to have another albino crab in his tank.

The last time Portside called dibs on an albino crab was in February 2002, nearly 10  years ago. The chance of catching one is about one in 150,000.

He noticed something different about it right off the bat.   

"Albino crab is a lot stronger than the regular Dungeness crab," Laygui said.