Rocket-In regulars rally for Superstorm Sandy victims

Rocket-In regulars rally for Superstorm Sandy victims »Play Video
Profits blasted off for Superstorm Sandy victims on Monday

CRESWELL, Ore. - Hungry regulars stopped by the Rocket-In on Monday for a bite to eat.

But while their stomachs may have had food in mind, their thoughts were elsewhere.

"It's kind of like 9-11, in a way," said Virginia Franklin.

The customers want to send money to the victims of Superstorm Sandy.

The owners of the cafe have made it possible.

"It just really hit home for all of us," co-owner Debbie Bemanett said, "and we wanted to do something to help."

On Monday, all profits when in the donation can for the American Red Cross and Superstorm Sandy relief efforts.

"You realize how lucky you are and how blessed we are," said Pam Spencer, who co-owns the eatery, "and so we felt like we wanted to do something for the people that have been so devastated."

The response so far to the donation drive has been excellent. The donation can filled up before the lunch crowd even arrived.

"It's nice that everyone is coming together in this time of contentious elections especially," said customer Al Bennett. "It's some thing that unites us."