Suspicious fire burns building at RV dealership

Suspicious fire burns building at RV dealership

EUGENE, Ore. - A suspicious fire burned a 75-year-old building at an RV dealership early Tuesday morning.

The cause of the fire at George M. Sutton RV on Highway 99 is under investigation but looks suspicious, fire officials said at the scene.

Crews could see flames and smoke from the fire station as they responded around 6 a.m. They had the fire in the "Camp Sutton" building mostly knocked down within 20 minutes.

The fire appears to have started on an outside porch under a picnic table and spread to the attic, fire officials said.

The building had been remodeled and contained computers, offices and some memorabilia.

"We had some things that Martha and I on our several trips up to Montana had gotten from Yellowstone, just all kinds of collectibles," George M. Sutton told KVAL News. "There's a bear that got damaged that Martha's dad hunted in the 1930s. It was his first one when he was a kid."

Sutton RV remains open in the wake of the fire.

"We’ve been here 17 years. We’ve got 35 employees, and  I mean, our business is rock solid, so I mean we really have been blessed. Is this a stumbling block? Yeah, but I mean, it's not going to set us back.

"I guess you could say we’re having a great fire sale."

The fire comes a day after a suspicious blaze on River Road shuttered a half dozen businesses due to smoke damage or loss of power.

The same arson investigation team that investigated Monday morning's fires was on scene at Sutton RV on Tuesday morning.

"Just having this many fires in this close a time frame, of this size," Detective Steve Williams said. "The Don Juan fire was a pretty good sized fire on the outside of the building but it caused a significant amount of damage. And then of course to have this one as well, it makes you wonder."