'The music and happiness ... have a lot to do with the quality of our wines'

'The music and happiness ... have a lot to do with the quality of our wines' »Play Video
Johnny Olson often strolls through the vineyard playing his guitar for the grapes, according to his father and owner of TeSoAria. John Olson believes this is one of the reasons their wines do so well in Oregon.

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- When you walk through the front door of the tasting room at TeSoAria, you're immediately greeted with the sounds of music.

"Music for the vines, music everywhere in our barrel room, music in the tasting room. We just love music," said owner John Olson.

The owners named the winery after the three things they believe it takes to make a good wine: The earth, the sun and air, and music.

"We believe that one of the reasons our wine is special, is all of the music that our wines are exposed to on a daily basis."

John isn't alone in his passion for playing. His family often joins him in performing.

His son Johnny plays guitar, his daughter Rebekah sings and his other daughter Priscilla plays the drums.

But it's not just for the enjoyment of the people in the tasting room.

Olson believes that the grapes benefit, too. "It is the music and happiness and just the good vibrations that are played here everyday, have a lot to do with the quality of our wines," he said.

It seems to be working.

The Olson's got into the business in 2008. Since then, the winery has become one of the fastest growing brands in the state.

TeSoAria has about 500 wine club members, and according to Olson, one of the most award winningest wineries in Oregon.

But to Olson, the most important thing is that he and his family love what they do. "We just want to continue to express our art, our love for what we do through our wine, our family and our music."