'They should not mess around with this - this is serious stuff'

'They should not mess around with this - this is serious stuff'

EUGENE, Ore. - Agonizingly close to the goal line, the White House and Congress are trying to hammer out a last minute deal to avoid going off the "fiscal cliff."

"We'll all be holding our breath but again I think the markets are expecting a good result," said Eugene stockbroker Gary Feldman.

The question on nearly everyone's mind: Will there a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff?

"The market thinks there's a deal, because it's up," says Eugene financial advisor Charlene Carter.

Market watchers like Feldman and Carter can only tell clients to hang tight.

"I very strongly believe that we will get past this," Carter said.

Sources aware of the talks said a potential agreement would extend middle class tax cuts to households earning up to $450,000 a year.

"If we go back to rates that go up for those earning 450 and above, the market would receive that well," Feldman said.

Feldman said he's fielded a ton of questions from clients in recent days related to what happens if there's no deal. The biggest question: how much more would I pay in taxes?

It would be much more, Feldman said, if middle class tax cuts are not saved.  "If that happens that will severely impact our economy and it will put some downward pressure on the markets, we think," Feldman said.

Late Monday came word that the House will miss the midnight deadline to vote on a deal, even if the Senate approves a package.

"Congress is really being immature," Carter said.

"They should not mess around with this, this is serious stuff," Feldman said. "This is past, I think, political posturing."