Three Rivers may expand resort

Three Rivers may expand resort

FLORENCE, Ore. - Looking out across vacant land at Three Rivers Resort and Casino, tribal chairman Bob Garcia describes an attraction that is more than blackjack tables and slot machines.

"Imagine that what we see right here is a total of 200 rooms and hotel, an aquatic center, a spa," he told KVAL News on Wednesday.

The goal: make Three Rivers a full-service destination resort for the central Oregon coast, expanding the current golf course so duffers won't have to trudge through the sand dunes anymore.

"We can have more ammenities that can really give people an opportunity to come to the Oregon coast from San Francisco and Seattle and places that are farther away instead of having just local visitors," Garcia said.
That's the dream.  

What's the reality?

Garcia said the project would be a $15 million undertaking.

"As we stand here, we're a stone's throw from where the new hotel would be with all the additional ammenties," Garcia said.

The project could bring an additional 200 jobs to the current staff at Three Rivers.

The tribe hopes to begin the project by early next year. Before work can begin, the tribal council must approve the project.