Tipi Village a top 'glamping' retreat

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Tipi Village Retreat near Marcola, Oregon

MARCOLA, Ore. - Susanne Weiss and Ken Froebig stumbled across their perfect business relationship when they met at a Halloween party in the 1990s.

"Wow, that's a big story," Froebig said.

Susanne was a nature lover from Germany, living along Mill Creek.

"The forest is really the jewel here," she said.

Ken was a builder with a deep appreciation of Native American culture and tipis.

"I've always had tipis, since i was 18," he said. "I lived in a tipi in upstate New York in college."

It all started with one tipi.

Now they have seven. Each one is named after a chief, a tribe or a known Indian personality.

"We have a tipi named Calapooya, after the local tribes that were in the Willamette Valley," Froebig said.

Their Tipi Village Retreat has been listed among the Top 13 "glamping" - or glamorous camping - spots to visit in 2013.

"We just want people to be comfortable," Froebig said.

But Weiss said the design is actually minimalist.

"You don't have anything you don't need."

If you'd like a more traditional sleeping experience, they've also added a couple of cabins.

"It's got windows on all sides, so you lay down at night and look out," Weiss added. "It's like sleeping in a treehouse."

A gourmet breakfast is served every morning using veggies from the garden and organic eggs from their village chickens.

"A lot of couples choose to have the wedding ceremony right here because it's such a great setting for it," Weiss said.

They've had people from all over the world come to their hideaway in Marcola, Weiss said. "We've had people from Scotland, definitely Germany," she said.

When the Olympic Track and Field Trials came to Eugene last year, they were booked.

"We had people from all over the country," Weiss said, "which was really wonderful."