Vintage arcade: 'What's a Donkey Kong?'

Vintage arcade: 'What's a Donkey Kong?' »Play Video
Where else can you try to top your best score at Baby Pac Man?

EUGENE, Ore. - The games are old, out of date and need a tune up.

But when it comes to vintage pinball and video games, all that really matters is: are they fun?

Welcome to the Blairally Vintage Arcade, a new business in the Whiteaker neighborhood introducing a new wave of gamers to old-school games.

"They're coming in saying things like I've never played pinball, what's a Donkey Kong, oh I've played this on my phone," said Chad Boutin.

In an era of Xbox graphics, the appeal is art. The owners are professional appreciators of the classics.

And amateur engineers.
"First I learned how to shock my self," said Gavin Keable, the arcade's game engineer. "Second, I learned how to not shock myself. Third, I learned how to diagnose them properly."
What they're trying to do now is spread the love of classic arcade games to the Xbox generation, one quarter at a time.

"You can steer around with Xbox, you don't really get big steering wheels," said Simone Frankfort, a 12-year-old gamer who visited the arcade. "You can shoot things. I don't know, it's just fun."