'We had just been robbed, and I chased after him'

'We had just been robbed, and I chased after him'

EUGENE, Ore. - Nick Herling knew about the string of robberies at Little Caeser's Pizza restaurants in Eugene and Springfield.

"I expected it was going to happen again," he said, "but I didn't know it was going to be us again."

Herling's store on Seneca Road got robbed Friday - and helped catch the robber.

"A guy walked in and I greeted him like a regular customer," Herling said. "He slipped a note and while I was reading the note said, 'Open the till, give me all your money' and 'I have a gun.' "

Herling slowly handed overthe money - and the suspect took off.

"I told my employees that we had just been robbed," he said, "and I chased after him down the walkway and through the parking lot."

Police used Herling's description to detain Cameron Mikkelsen, 23, as he tried to board a Lane Transit District bus.

Detective now suspect Mikkelsen robbed as many as six restaurants in Eugene and Springfield over the course of two weeks.

Most of the victims were Little Caeser's restaurants.

"Thank you to the cops for getting here so quickly," Herling said, "and also the 911 operators for getting here so quick and calm while I can't breathe."