'You let the big companies run with it, they'll put you out of business'

'You let the big companies run with it, they'll put you out of business'

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. - It's the last holiday season for a downtown Cottage Grove business as the owner of Farmhand Feed and Home Company is calling it quits.

The height of the holiday shopping season is here and Mary Koepfle is pumped.

"I love santas. Santas are very happy little guys," said Koepfle as she checks her Christmas merchandise.

However, as most stores are gearing up, Koepfle is winding down. After 12 years in business, Farmhand Feed and Home Company is shutting down.

"The uniqueness of the store, I'm proud of that," explained Koepfle.

She has nothing against competition, as long as it's fair.

Koepfle said that a local Walmart store has been anything but fair.

"Walmart aims guns at other businesses heads and I don't care for that," Koepfle said. "If you let the big companies run with it, they'll put you out of business."

She claims that the big box store has tried to put her out of business by undercutting her prices.

Koepfle said another reason for her going out of business is the location she is in. She told KVAL News that her neighborhood is taking a turn for the worst.

There is more graffiti around the downtown area. She also said that more and more homes being purchased on speculation and rented to people who, as Koepfle put it, don't know how to be a good neighbor.

Customers visiting the store said that they'll miss the friendly banter, the Christmas decorations, and Smokey Joe -- the resident parrot.

Customer Rosemary Fields visits from northern California each December and says she'll miss the shop. 

"I come here, to my granddaughters house. She lives here and we always come down ... I never leave without buying something." said Fields.

Though her customers will miss her greatly, Mary said that she'll be just fine

"I'm not going to cry because I'm late for my next adventure, so follow me there." said Koepfle.

The last day of business for Farmhand Feed will be December 22.  Mary will be moving to the Portland area and look for opportunities in the antiques field.