'You mean, we're good drivers? Really?'

'You mean, we're good drivers? Really?' »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. - A new Allstate report ranks Eugene among the top 10 safest driving cities in the nation.

"You mean, we're good drivers? Really?" said Jill Scheidell. "That's kind of shocking!"

"I see a lot of people I think are road raging," she added, "so I'm surprised, but I'm glad."

Eugene came in 9th - compared to Portland at 128th and Seattle at 147th.

For the second year in a row, Fort Collins, Colo., came in first.

And the city with the worst drivers? Washington, D.C.

The news seems difficult to believe given the number of recent car crashes.

The report only looked at accidents where drivers filed insurance claims, so any accident involving a bike or a skateboard, for example, wouldn't count unless there was an insurance claim filed.

Eugene Towing owner Ken Sponsel said the number of crashes he responds to are far higher outside the city.

"I used to round up cars from Medford and Bend," he said, "and bring them back here."