Financial infidelity a growing problem

Financial infidelity a growing problem
Is your spouse or significant other hiding debt from you? Are you sure?

In these tough economic times, financial infidelity is a problem that seems to be getting worse.

"And the interesting thing is, the people who discover this say it's a lot like discovering sexual betrayal. They really feel like their spouse has gone out on them," says Liz Weston, a personal financial expert and author of the book "The 10 Commandments of Money."

"This is not something you can think of as no big deal. This is going to cause a big problem," Weston says.

"If you're worried about your spouse getting violent or hurting you, obviously you'll want to go to the battered spouses shelter and get some advice. But if that's not the issue, if you're just ashamed of what you've done, you really need to come clean because this is financial infidelity and it's going to undermine your marriage."

Weston has one more tip, this one for the person who discovers they've been deceived.

"Hold off on the condemnation a bit. It's worth talking this out and understanding you may have a role in the situation as well."

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