Real Reality: A tattoo parlor with a family atmosphere

Real Reality: A tattoo parlor with a family atmosphere

This week on and KVAL 13 TV News at 5: The 'Real Reality' series takes TV reality shows and looks for local residents whose real lives reflect what audiences see on the screen.

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Tim Kellar planned a special surprise for his wife Becky on their 27th wedding anniversary.

"Twenty seven is a meaningful number for us," he said. "We were married on the 27th of October and our birthdays are both on the 27th as well.

"This being the 27th year," Kellar said, "I decided to surprise her with a tattoo on my heart for her."

He went to Brett Montague at Area 51 Tattoo on Main Street in Springfield to ink the deal.

KVAL News paid a visit to Area 51 as part of the Real Reality series, looking for real life examples in the community of popular reality shows like "LA Ink."

The shop's owner, Chris 51 - yes, he adopt the shop's name as his own - opened up a tattoo shop in Portland the day after he got his license to ink. Now he runs two shops in Springfield.

"I didn't want anything to do with the old-school biker traditional type atmosphere at all," he said. "I kind of had this vision of how I really wanted to be more of a family atmosphere, an environment."

"Now I'm just waiting for my grandma to get one," Montague said.

'LA Ink' meets 'Family Ties'? It's not that far-fetched: Tattoo artist Brittany Williams is leaving her mark - on her mom.

"I love that she loves what she's doing," her mom, Charlene Williams, said as her daughter tattooed a butterfly design on her skin. "I always wanted that for her."

Brittany's first tattoo as a pro? She inked it on her father.

Back in Montague's corner, the artist wrapped up work on Kellar's tattoo and got ready for the best part.

"Seeing the people's reactions when it's done, people being happy with it, I think that's the most gratifying thing about it," Montague said.

Cue Kellar's first look of many at his anniversary tattoo.

"I love it. Awesome," he said. "It's what I wanted."