App of the Week: Mi Fit Life

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Summer is winding down, school is starting back up and our schedules are getting busier. A lot of times, working out becomes our last priority.

This week's app of the week called Mi Fit Life is aimed to use your daily activities to your healths advantage.

Developed by Olympic Coach and University of Oregon alum Dr. Richard Brown, Mi Fit Life is an app that will customize to your current physical activities.

The app determines how much your body uses oxygen and then set's weekly goals for you to reach.

It starts by answering 17 short questions about your daily activities and fitness level.

From running and lifting weights to just walking around the garden you can enter any one of those activities and set the level of intensity for each task you do.  The app scores your performance and lets you know if you are close to reaching your weekly goal.

At the end of each week, the app sets your next realistic goal for you to reach.

You even get encouraging alerts to keep up with your plan and reach your goals!

Mi Fit Life is available in the app store for $4.99.

I want to thank Peter Thompson for emailing me this suggestion.

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