Family grounded after children disrupt Alaska Air flight

Family grounded after children disrupt Alaska Air flight

PORTLAND, Ore. - A family traveling from Long Beach, Calif. to Vancouver, British Columbia on an Alaska Air flight Tuesday were taken off the plane in Portland after their children became disruptive, according to an official with the airline.

Marinane Lindsey with Alaska Airlines said a family of four with two children, ages 8 and 3, were on flight 3479 when "the children became disruptive and wouldn't stay in their seats and wouldn't fasten their seat belts, which is against federal regulations. The flight crew requested that authorities meet the flight upon arrival in Portland."

Lindsey said the family was taken off the flight and briefed by an Alaska Airlines supervisor on the importance of following federal safety regulations while on the aircraft, including keeping children in their seats with seat belts on as ordered by flight crew members.

No charges were filed and the family was allowed to get on an 8:30 p.m. flight to Seattle, Lindsey said.

"I think we all need to have some sort of tolerance," passenger Chris Heistand, who was on the flight, told KATU News. "Everybody's trying to get from point A to point B. We're all in the same boat in a sense - the same plane, right?"