Feng shui: 'Balance is what gives us the best possible life'

Feng shui: 'Balance is what gives us the best possible life'

EUGENE, Ore. - Feng shui is the art of arranging your living space.

On this World Feng Shui day, Michael Bittner explained the three basic ideas of feng shui are balance of nutrition, fitness and environment.

"If you don't put things that are nourishing and healthy into your environment, and you don't arrange your environment in ways that are conducive to making you feel good then you're working against yourself," Bittner said. "Balance is what gives us the best possible life. If we're out of balance, then things aren't right. We don't feel as good, think clearly, we're not happy."

Bittner said the main concept is that everything living or non-living has energy that affects you in some way, shape or form.

Interior designers said whether you believe in the energy of feng shui, there is a sense of harmony that goes along with a well put together room.

"If you walk into a room and say I like it here, I want to sit down, relax, kick off shoes, then it's a successful interior design or space," said interior designer Kathy Lamontagne.

And if you want to take your chi to another level, Bittner said moving the energy around your home may help.

"Go to each corner, clap your hands and significantly and what we've done is changed the energy and moved energy and you can go to each corner," Bittner said.