New burger joint joins local eatery options

New burger joint joins local eatery options

EUGENE, Ore. - There are plenty of burger joints in town, from the ubiquitous golden arches and burger royalty to locals like Giant Burger in Springfield and Dickie Jo's in Eugene.

You can find a burger and brew deal almost any day of the week, from The Highlands to Cornucopia, Izakaya Meiji to Cafe 440, to the Vintage and points inbetween.

Some chain restaurants have joined the fray, too, like Five Guys Burger and Fries.

Now Jake's Wayback Burgers has arrived in Oregon, a restaurant franchise from the East Coast with its first store on the West Coast in Eugene's Santa Clara neighborhood.

Monday was the grand opening.

"What's amazing about burgers is that they stick around," said Farhan Khan, owner of the new burger joint.
Even in a sluggish economy, Farhan is confident he's making a good business move by opening a Jake's Wayback Burgers.

"You look around, and with the economy doing so bad, these burger joints are doing really well," he said.

Burgers are considered fast food, but Khan said his product stands out.

"We are not McDonalds," he said. "We are a superior burger. We sell you a superior product. Our burgers are juicier, and then we have our fresh produce to go on it."