App of the Week: Sky Guide puts astronomy at your fingertips

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EUGENE, Ore. - Star light, star bright, what star is THAT I see tonight?

This week's App of the Week is going to spark that inner astronomer in you.

It's called Sky Guide.

Made in Seattle, Sky Guide is a beautiful universal application that provides you with over 37,000 real photographs.

App developer Nick Risinger took about 10 percent of the images in Oregon.

How it works is you point your device to the sky to see which stars are directly above you. Not only will you get a name but a rich description of the constellations. There are even direct links to Wikipedia for each star.

As you explore the sky, your experience is accompanied by a beautiful musical soundscape.

You can even dim the lights of the sky with a swipe of two fingers to match what you see outside.

Most of our surrounding wilderness does not have access to GPS or Internet, but this app doesn't need it. Sky Guide has a built in data base so you can access all that information wherever you are.

Sky Guide is available only in the App store for $1.99.

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