Want to learn how to drive an RV?

Want to learn how to drive an RV?

EUGENE, Ore. - This is not like the driver's ed you took in high school.

This is RVs for newbies: Call it "Traffic Cone Killing 101."

The free driving school is being put on at the Lane County Fairgrounds in Eugene by Guaranty RV in Junction City as part of its "RV-palooza."

"We show them how to turn, we show them how to pick spots to turn - we also teach them how to back up," said Jason Callahan, the RV show supervisor.

Callahan said one of the biggest skills new RV drivers must learn is making corrections slowly when you're behind the wheel of a 30-foot rig.

"Not fast," he said. "That's a big mistake everybody does. They correct fast, and they jackknife."

The course will be offered through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the fairgrounds.