Credit score dating: Trading 'I love you' for 'over 700'

Credit score dating: Trading 'I love you' for 'over 700'

EUGENE, Ore. - Remember that old saying, "Nothing says romance like a good credit score?"

Can a credit score help you find that special someone?

Marilyn Lowe has been a matchmaker in Eugene for 13 years. She totes around notebooks filled with profiles of people looking for their perfect match.

Her methods may be old-fashioned, but she says they work.

She has seen online dating evolve from the very beginning.

"Single people thought that that's going to be where they meet their partner because there are so many numbers, it's a numbers game," she said. "It's not a numbers game."

Lowe says it's a love game.

And everyone in it wants to hear those three little words: Over ... seven ... hundred.

"Over 700 is a good score," said Norm Phillips, VP of Lending at Selco Community Credit Union.

But Phillips said credit reports are not a crystal ball.

"There's a lot of information that's not in the credit score," he said. "For instance, it doesn't know what you're applying for, or what job you have or how much money you make."

Ben and Lisa Wallace have been married for 14 years. They say credit never came into the picture.

"You might find compatibility without regard to that, whereas if you make that your criteria, you're going to narrow your scope," Ben said.

"Everybody's kind of fixable, right?" Lisa said. "They just need a little push."