Consumer Litterbox problems? Maybe it's not the cat's fault Litterbox problems? Maybe it's not the cat's fault
This tip is from the family cat, who really wants to use the litter box if you would stop hiding it.

"People get really grossed out and they want to hide the litter box in the laundry room, the basement or out in the garage," said Mikkel Becker, a pet trainer with
Consumer Why you can forget about Ginkgo Why you can forget about Ginkgo
Ginkgo Biloba is one of the best-known and most widely-used herbal supplements. It's supposed to do all sorts of things, but most people who take it hope to sharpen their memory and concentration.
Consumer Pocket Hose Ultra: Does it work any better? Pocket Hose Ultra: Does it work any better?(Video)
When expanding garden hoses first hit the market they seemed like the perfect alternative to traditional hoses, which can be heavy and cumbersome. The light- weight hoses expand when you turn on the water, then contract when you turn the water off. But after complaints about leaks, the makers of Pocket Hose- touted as the top selling expanding hose brand- are offering a new and improved version called Pocket Hose Ultra.
Consumer Temporary tattoos not necessarily harmless Temporary tattoos not necessarily harmless(Video)
When a local boy got a $5, temporary tattoo in April- he never dreamed he'd end up at the doctor's office with what might end up bring a permanent scar. Now, he and his mother want other families to know that henna tattoos are not necessarily risk- free.
Consumer Finding the deals on air fare Finding the deals on air fare
You have to be flexible with your travel dates - both departure and return - and be willing to take multiple flights to get to your destination.
Consumer 'Tech Support'  scams accelerate 'Tech Support' scams accelerate(Video)
You never know how much you need what's in your computer, until you can't use it. Don Poenitsch and his wife just got their laptop out of the repair shop, after Don got conned. He's one of the latest victims of the "Tech Support" I've warned about numerous times over the years.
Consumer Screen Egg: Does it work? Screen Egg: Does it work?(Video)
If your technology has a screen and touch hand controls- it undoubtedly has dust and dirt and often looks like a mess. And while you can easily blow off the dust, cleaning the screens on high-tech devices requires caution. Liquid cleaners can cause damage if they seep into the workings of the device. You must also be careful about scratching the screen. Screen Egg is promoted as "The amazing, dual-action screen cleaner that will effectively and easily clean all your favorite devices."
Consumer Wrecking Balm: Does it work? Wrecking Balm: Does it work?(Video)
When you paint a wall and don't like the color, all you have to do is buy new paint. But changing a tattoo you don't like can cost hundreds of dollars. So you can see the attraction of a $50 do-it-yourself tattoo removal kit called Wrecking Balm.
Consumer Mailers promise round-trip plane tickets - with a catch Mailers promise round-trip plane tickets - with a catch (Video)
Sometimes, people who want to sell you something make it look like they're really giving something away. That's the case with the latest round of travel giveaways in the mail. The people behind the mailers stand to make hundreds of thousands of dollars- if even a fraction of us say yes.
Consumer Trusty Cane: Does it work? Trusty Cane: Does it work?(Video)
Selling point number 1 for the Trusty Cane is that it stands alone. Selling point 2, it that it has a wide, 3-footed, pivoting base. The promoter calls it "The cane you can trust!" I took a Trusty Cane to some real cane experts at the West Seattle Senior Center, where people know first hand how a good cane can help you get around when you need extra stability.