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Raw Video: Police officer visits Whoville camp to discuss situation

Officer Larry Crompton visited the Whoville camp to answer questions about the sign change from "No Camping" to "No Trespassing." A camp organizer explains that the campers don't blame the Eugene Police but are upset with the City Manager and Mayor. Read More »

Death Penalty in Oregon

Do you support the death penalty?

  • Yes
  • No
  • It depends on the facts of the case

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YouNews Barn on hwy 36 Barn on hwy 36
There were a number of exceptional barns on hwy 36,this is just one of them I took a photo of on my Sunday drive
YouNews Early morning fog bank Early morning fog bank
On the way to Triangle lake, the low laying fog was in patches here and there.
YouNews Rhodies in Bloom Rhodies in Bloom
Some folks get old but never grow up! Once a bully; forever a BULLY.