Haunted Houses turn Springfield into 'Hysteria City'

Haunted Houses turn Springfield into 'Hysteria City'

SPRINGFIELD, Ore --"That was awesome!"

Maria, one of Hysteria City's ghouls, repeats what most say after visiting 13 Stories Down.

The 14-year-old local actor plays an exorcist-themed character with a long black wig and an array of ghostly make-up. She's just one of the dozens who haunt Hysteria City's 13 Stories Down.

This is the first time Springfield has hosted the large event. In a 40,000 square foot warehouse, 13 Stories Down features four Haunted Houses: The House of the Undertaker, Zombie Precinct, Hotel Hysteria and Alien Revenge.

In addition, they also have live music by band 'Liquid' as well as live stage shows and scenes throughout the night.

When you enter the warehouse, Mistress Dark meets you at the elevator and seals you inside. The ride simulates moving down 13 floors, complete with wall pounding and white smoke. 

Once inside, you can get your face painted, eat, drink, shop and listen to music - and of course, tour the houses.  

 "Each House has a tour guide, theme and a back story," Todd Anson from Hysteria City said. He's also known as Orpheus 9 in a leather themed costume. 

In the Hotel Hysteria, a teenage girl with blond hair and tragic doll makeup leads us into the doll room, "You have to see this room," Rosie said. Amid cries of "dolly!" as sound effects, a few hundred dolls creepily adorn the rooms walls.

13 Stories Down opens every night at sunset. It's located at 1650 Centennial Road in Springfield.

$15 dollars is the general admission price, though kids under 13 get a discounted price. 

Children under 13 are also advised to go through with an adult.

Tuesdays is also 2 for 1 admission.