Irene wrecks 'Ducks of Oregon' power balladeer's house

Irene wrecks 'Ducks of Oregon' power balladeer's house
From Sebastian Bach's Facebook fan page: "Forgot to show this off on MTV Cribs," he posted.

EUGENE, Ore. - Hurricane Irene destroyed Skid Row master tapes and KISS memorabilia in the New Jersey home of former Skid Row lead singer Sebastian Bach once featured on "MTV Cribs."

"Somewhere under this water is a KISS pinball machine & 2 gargoyles from the Dynasty tour. If you see them floating past your house, they're mine. Or at least they were :(" he posted Sunday night.

Bach is infamously beloved to Duck fans as the voice of the power ballad dedicated to the Ducks of Oregon before the BCS National Championship game on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."

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