Extreme sports: All this week on KVAL News

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EUGENE, Ore. - Do you crave adrenaline?

Do you love that exhilarating feeling of stepping out of your comfort zone?

Do you like to watch people crashing - and then getting up to try again?

Get a taste of extreme sports all this week on KVAL 13 TV News at 5 and KVAL.com as Katie Boer tackles skydiving, mountain biking, sandboarding and - wait for it - lawnmower racing.

Whether she is jumping out of an airplane at 10,000 feet or off the Porsche of mountain bikes in Oakridge, Boer tackled the thrills and spills of the adventures available in Oregon's backyard.

  • TUESDAY: Extreme Katie tackles an expert-level singletrack trail in Oakridge - her first time out on a mountain bike
  • WEDNESDAY: Lawn mower racing takes skill, guts - and a full-face helmet
  • THURSDAY: You don't need snow to carve your way down a slope: Extreme Katie goes sandboarding in Florence
  • FRIDAY: What makes somebody climb into an airplane and then jump out with nothing but a parachute to save you?