Be A STAR hosts Boys and Girls Club 'to help squash out bullying'

Be A STAR hosts Boys and Girls Club 'to help squash out bullying'

NEW YORK CITY -- For the first time ever, World Wrestling Entertainment Superstars spoke to students and staff of the New York and New Jersey Boys and Girls Clubs at Wrestlemania Axxess about positive steps to eliminate bullying in our society as part of the Be a STAR anti-bullying alliance.

Be a STAR was co-founded by the WWE and The Creative Coalition.

"It's about taking a pledge with one another about helping each other out," said WWE Superstar Tensai.

Tensai spoke of a time when he was being bullied and another classmate stood up to him and told the bully not to harass him anymore.

"It's all about helping one another and going through the right channels to help squash out bullying," said Tensai.

The children who participated at the IZOD Center were given a special backstage tour of the set of Monday Night Raw.

"I feel it’s our responsibility to do it because it’s alright to come to school and get an education and have fun doing it. It’s some of the best times of your life being in school and no one should take that away from you," said Tensai.

Be a STAR's mission is to ensure a positive and equitable social environment.