'Ghost Mine' gears up for 2nd season

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Dick and Duck Secord

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COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. - After millions of viewers tuned in to watch the debut season of "Ghost Mine" starring two old school gold miners from Cottage Grove, the SyFy network plans to produce a second season with as much of the original cast as possible.

Dick Secord - known as Duck in the show - and his son Dick Secord Jr. - aka Grey Beard - said they were featured in the first season of "Ghost Mine" for their ability to gold mine "the old way."

The show featured prospectors hunting for gold outisde Sumpter, Oregon, alongside paranormal investigators who monitored the site for ghosts.

"The Tommy Knockers - they tell you if there's going to be a cave in, and you better be listening," said Dick Secord Jr. at the Bohemia Mining Museum in downtown Cottage Grove as he sat for an interview next to his father on Thursday.

The Secords said gold miners are a "superstitious" bunch. They said they believe the "Tommy Knockers" are good ghosts that help warn the miners of unsafe ground movements deep within the mines.

"Ghost Mine" publicist Maxine Shen told KVAL News the original "Ghost Mine" series averaged 1.5 million viewers per episode during the six-episode season.

Shen said because of the success of the first season, the network is planning on shooting a second 12-episode season sometime this summer at the same mine.

Shen said a second mine was discovered in the original mine, and that will be the focus of the second season.

Shen said the network is still in negotiations with much of the original cast, including Dick and Duck Secord.

Dick Secord Jr. said he is working out the final details with SyFy but expects to appear in the second season of "Ghost Mine."