No joke: Comedy series serious about stand-up

No joke: Comedy series serious about stand-up
The event was hosted by UO student, Conor Armor, and sponsored by local radio station All Comedy 1450. (Photo by Tiffany Han)

EUGENE, Ore. - Five local stand-up comedians performed at The Cooler Restaurant and Bar for The Quackin’ Me Up Comedy Series this month.

The event, sponsored by local radio station All Comedy 1450 and, also featured two sketch comedy videos. The show ran from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. The entrance free was $5 at the door or free in advance from the Cooler.

The five comedians were the winners and finalists of last fall’s Quackin’ Me Up Comedy Competition: Cailin Wolff, Brandt Hamilton, Gina Ginsberg, Isaac Paris and grand prize winner Joe Glasgow.

Last year’s winner Glasgow founded the UO Stand-Up Society along with Hamilton and UO alumnus Ben Schorr.

The three University of Oregon students started the club a year ago to help amateur comedians refine their jokes and perform on stage.

Through involvement with other Eugene comedy groups, like All Comedy 1450, the group has started to gain exposure off campus.

For Max Williams, co-founder of All Comedy 1450, it is important for the UO Stand-Up Society to have a central location where they can consistently perform.

“Through our Quackin’ Me Up competition a couple of months back, along with the Stand-Up Society’s support, we created a lot of momentum for UO comedy and we’ve been looking for a place to really be their home,” Williams said.

The Cooler, 20 Centennial Loop, has become a central location for locals and students to perform and experience local comedy.

Many people attended the show, including regular attendees, new audience members, and some who didn’t know there was a comedy show scheduled.

Kristen Stewart, who won tickets through All Comedy 1450’s Facebook page, said, “The last guy, [Isaac Paris] made us happy. His drawings were the best.”

University freshman comic Cailin Wolff said performing in bars and clubs is much different than performing on campus.

“I performed at the Bleepin’ Funny show at Sam Bond’s Garage without knowing the crowd,” Wolff said. “It was sort of a wake-up call, I need to figure out how to write for a certain crowed while staying true to my voice.”

This is the third event in the comedy series. The Quackin’ Me Up Comedy Series plans to continue at The Cooler once a month for the rest of the year.