Tasty Tuesday: Chaos Kolaches

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - With hands full of camera gear and pockets filled with spare batteries and other various back-up items, I made my way into Springfield's newest culinary addition. 

As soon as I stepped through the door a voice called out, "Nice hat!" 

Moments later I realized nearly everyone behind the counter was sporting what has become the unofficial uniform for Tasty Tuesday, fedoras.  I immediately knew I was going to like Chaos Kolaches.

Relieved as I was to get a little justification in my choice style it is not at all what brought me out to the cafe style shop on Q Street.  It was my curiosity that got the better of me.  I had never heard of a Kolache before one of our viewers suggested I drop in.

A Kolache is a kind of bread pastry filled with either sweet or savory ingredients.  A relatively simple creation that is very much a Czechoslovakian tradition.  Which is why I was surprised to find out that none of the three owners of Chaos Kolaches are Czech.  In fact, two of them came to Oregon from Texas.

As it turns out, Kolaches are actually a big part of the Midwest as well.  Many Czech families settled in the area bringing with them the tasty treat.  Chaos Kolaches owners Beau Mollinary and Jennifer Peterson ate quite a few of them as students in College Station, Texas.  When they moved to the area one of the first things they noticed was a lack of Kolaches.

The rest as you might say is history.  With the help of Aaron Nankin they opened up their simple Springfield shop.  Offering up a simple menu that consists of Kolaches, Kolaches, Kolaches and a few other items like soups and coffees.  Items that I will admit were completely off my radar.  After all, let's be honest, if you are walking into a place called Chaos Kolaches you are probably there for the Kolaches.

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