Tasty Tuesday: Emmons Meat Market

Tasty Tuesday: Emmons Meat Market

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Back in 1962, Dave Emmons sold frozen cuts of meat and did custom slaughtering out of a mobile meat truck.  50 years later, the legacy continues. 

Emmons Meat Market at 29545 Highway 34 doesn't offer slaughtering anymore, but still carries a wide variety of meats.  Everything from beef and bacon to buffalo and rabbit.  What they may best be known for, however, is their "World Famous Jerky."  All of it hand-made on-site.

None of these things brought me to the market.  It wasn't even a viewer request.  My motivation for the trip came from the KVAL Sports Department.  Every time I found myself anywhere near the guys the words "you gotta go to Emmons" were sure to follow.  Knowing that they like to eat almost as much as I do made the decision to stop by an easy one.

Emmons screams neighborhood meat market, in a good way.  The sort of place that is to meat lovers that a candy store is to kids, and I think they know it - which is probably why they set up a grill for lunch offering up a slew of burgers and sandwiches.

A meaty menu, shelves packed with a collection of cuts and not a vegetarian in sight might be a testament to the popularity of the local butcher, an art form once threatened by the rise of supermarkets that continues to thrive at Emmons.