Tasty Tuesday: Happy's Java

Tasty Tuesday: Happy's Java

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - The Eugene/Springfield area has no shortage of drive through coffee shacks.  They act as beacons of hope for any java junkie needing a fix on the go, and many of them also offer up a few select solid foods as well.  Happy's Java in Springfield is no exception, but owner Derrick Pruitt is offering up a taste of something you don't see just anywhere in the Northwest.

Importing some of the finest teas and coffee beans that Pruitt roasts himself help him achieve a high quality product.  While he does make a mean mocha, it was his authentic Southern Style selection that caught my attention.  It was also what many of our viewers raved about when suggesting I stop by.

He began cooking with his father at a young age. It is those same recipes he picked up from his dad that he shares with anyone willing to stop by and order a bite.

"He's the greatest chef I've ever known," says Pruitt, reffering to his father.

Pruitt is very serious about the food he is serving up, and seeing the care, finess, and not to mention work, he puts into it makes it obvious.  It's a stark contrast to the name many people know him by, Mr. Happy.  While Happy doesn't mess around when it comes to food, at the end of the day it's all about one thing, making people happy.

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