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COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. - While many find golf to be not only their sport of choice, but also an ideal exercise in relaxation, I find myself stressed by the seemingly simple task. 

Getting a rather small ball into a rather small whole from across a rather large space is not easy. 

Especially when, even after 4 tries, you are still unable to hit the ball.  Lucky for me, and anyone else that may share my skills on the greens, the Hidden Valley Golf Course in Cottage Grove has something for the players and people's palates.

It is open to everyone, but unless you are looking for it you may never know it is there.  This gives the small restaurant and lounge an almost exclusive feel. 

Even more impressive however is that Chef Duane Hamilton handles everything on his own.  Working painstakingly long hours, not only because he has to, but because he loves what he does.

Trying to break out of the Northwest mold for salmon, Chef Hamilton served up his Caribbean Salmon for the segment.  It's a dish with a lot going on, and could easily be presented with just rice, salmon and the unique coconut pineapple salsa for the same price as it is with the additional portion of sauteed veggies.  Then again if you are into food as much as I am, complaining about getting too much just seems wrong.

A small staff can make for a bit of a wait, but a welcome feeling similar to the one you may find at home will quickly numb any discomfort from such situations.  Despite a sense that you could be dinning with the elite that welcome feeling seemed to pulsate from the people behind the scenes at Hidden Valley.  Pair that with a Chef who is passionate about making his patrons happy while removing any and all feeling of hunger and good things will undoubtedly happen.

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