Insulin pump support group

Insulin pump support group
Recent figures show more than 170-thousand Oregonians have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Experts say the disease is on rise in the United States, and one local group is trying to educate patients on treatment alternatives.

The insulin pump support group was created seven years ago.

Members of the group are diabetes patients who want to know more about the insulin pump or patients who are already using the small computerized device to allow for a continuous flow of insulin.

"The pump is programmed such that it delivers a steady flow of a small amount of insulin all the time and then when the person's getting ready to eat they can actually give the pump some information and it assist them in taking an adequate dose of insulin for that they're doing." says R.N. Jacque Corey.

Patients Gianna Mingo has had diabetes for 20 years and has used an insulin pump for the last 12 years.

She says this support group has been helpful in treating the disease.

"I use other people in the group as a resource so when I have a question about dosing or insulin I take or anything like that I can utilize other people in the group and asked them question and it's been real helpful for me."

The group meets in Eugene on the first Wednesday of every month.

If you want join in the fight against diabetes you can sign up for the Annual Step Out to Fight Diabetes fundraiser.

It takes place this Saturday at Alton Baker Park.