Killed in a crosswalk: 'I wasn't breathing, my heart wasn't beating'

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EUGENE, Ore. - Every time Jane Storms walks in a crosswalk, it brings back memories.

"I think the panic hits me that I'm gonna get hit again," she said.

The Eugene, Ore., woman was a 17-year-old high school student living in Burbank, Calif., back in the fall of 1980.

She said it was a sunny November day when her friend dropped her off across the street from the high school for a football game.

When she stepped into the crosswalk, she didn't know it would change her life forever.

"The lady said that, the one that witnessed it, said that I rolled off the car, tried to pull my blouse down so nobody could see my stomach or anything, and then died."

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A young man nearby came to her aid and helped bring her back to life.

"He just took my pulse and did everything and figured out that I wasn't breathing and that my heart wasn't beating, and he just jumped into action," Storms said.

EMTs arrived, and Storms was rushed to a hospital.

"Four days later, I'm rolling down a hallway in a hospital with lights over my head, had no idea what was going on," she said. "I thought it was a dream."

Now 30 years later, Storms said it's still hard to think about that day.

"I have flashbacks," she said. "I've had nightmares where I've woken up screaming. I have panic attacks."

And she still has the scars as a painful reminder.

"I think it took God having this happen, and bringing me back, to let me know it wasn't my time," Storms said.

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