UO hosts Wound Warrior track camp for injured Marines

UO hosts Wound Warrior track camp for injured Marines »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. - Twenty wounded Marines are in Eugene for a track and field training camp at the University of Oregon through this weekend.

U.S. Marine Corp Staff Sgt. Nathan Lynch is one of the organizers. He said the program makes a big difference for the men and women who participate. 

"This will help a lot with, one, the guys' recovery," he said. "Two, with their long-term esteem and the way they feel about themselves."

Lynch said getting the injured Marines out of the traditional hospital therapy setting is the key. 

"Anything that we can do to get these guys passionate about doing things is good," he said. "The good thing about exercise is it cleans out your system of toxins. It makes you sleep better, lessens headaches and drops your stress level."

He said the program helps the Marines learn to work around their injuriy instead of masking it or hiding it.

The track and field camp is the last of a 7-sport schedule which included swimming, cycling, shooting, archery, wheelchair basketball and volleyball. It's part of the Wounded Warrior Athlete reconditioning program.